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We are constantly telling you: the adventure Chipiron is above all a story of encounters. Since the creation of the brand, we have met personalities, artists, talents from all over the world. Some of them have seen concrete collaborations (notably with Alain Bourdon and Noémi Micheau on the book “Dix-Deux, un cadavre exquis“, or Johanna Rolland on one of the first textile collections.
Other meetings have also allowed us to participate in beautiful events such as the Salon Instapreneurs or the Wheels & Waves lately. We can not list everything, for sure.

And then, there are these encounters made through social networks, when 2 universes meet, beautiful surprises that comfort us in our path and all the work done. This was the case with Noémie Baracco Scherer, an illustrator from the south. When she found a photo of Julie taken by Cecilia Thibier during their trip in Spain, she makes a beautiful illustration as beautiful as the original. We wanted to know a little more about the artist.

original drawing by Noémie Baracco SchererIllustration madame chipiron by Momi design

The Call, by Cécilia Thibier
Original photo taken from the trip The Call @Cécilia Thibier.

Hello Noémie, then who is behind Momi Design?
I am from Arles and I lived in the neighborhood of Toulon for 12 years.

I landed here to study Product Design and then found my current job, 7 years ago in the design of fixtures. Today I dedicate half my working time to my Freelance activity in illustration, graphics and accessories design.

Since when do you draw?
Always ! It has always been one of my favorite pastimes. Little I even got up at night to draw, what happens to me from time to time I confess 🙂

What are your inspirations?
Apart from Madame Chipiron obviously 🙂 I want to say that I find inspiration in almost everything that crosses my path, from the moment that it touches me and calls me. For example, the experience of some people, a volume, a form found in nature and of course my passions for the motorcycle and the marine universe, and their common quest for freedom.

But also in the most unexpected and bizarre abstract things like a feeling, a particular odor or lately … the footprint left by socks on the skin of the feet after a day of walking! I take a picture of these sources of inspiration and keep them in archive, one day they eventually reappear somewhere in an illustration.

Do you surf?
So that’s the question that kills me because I have to answer no. No to my greatest and great regret! Because I am a child of the sea, I always rubbed it and adored it from my young age and that surfing became a real goal for me. For the small story, I spent all my summer holidays in the Camargue. In an incredible place a species of No Man’s Land or 4×4 is mandatory. I learned everything, the art of managing in our family wooden cabin without water, electricity, road, network, TV, or anyone, the only first village 30 minutes away. Sand and the sea as far as the eye can see. A huge playground for my little brother and I, or the purpose of the day was to find the evening meal and discover the marshy surroundings. We had to try all the forms of fishing that can exist, from fishing to cane, to underwater hunting, and all the most original techniques of collecting crustaceans. Mask and snorkel always screwed on the head, we stayed in the water until our lips turn blue. And! As soon as there were waves (very rare in a gulf!) We were out bodyboarding, we were the happiest.

Today we still enjoy this paradise in the Camargue as soon as we can go.

But when you live in Mediterranean seaside like Toulon and when you are passionate about the sea, you practice the activities adapted to the conditions and the environment. Here the best way to travel and discover the wonders of the coast and its creeks is the SUP, activity that allows you to walk with a beautiful sensation of gliding, to intensely gainer, and to take some small waves when the mistral Comes to tickle the surface of the water. The perfect Swiss knife for our region, I go out as soon as I can.

I do not lose hope, surfing remains for me the holy grail to hunt, not having much opportunity to travel, I have never so far touched even a board! It’s terrible and does not happen one day without I think about surfing. BUT (oh glow of hope!) We will take our first vacation for 5 years with my husband next September. Destination: the moors and the Basque country! And I think we already chose our surf school … Hello Waves!

How do you define your style, tone?

I really like the spirit of the sketch, that of the line that was made on the instant. The black line on white is always very present. I do not know if I belong to a particular style because I constantly try new techniques. But it is above all the subject of illustration which will define the technique I am going to employ. For example, Madame Chipiron’s picture evoked me a lot of sweetness and grace, so I realized it with fine pen and watercolor for its aerial and vaporous rendering, so that the illustration speaks like a memory. For other subjects I will rather deal with digital techniques to reinforce the idea of logo for example. I think that the most important is to appropriate the universe that is proposed to me, with the aim of touching the hearts of people who will look at the illustration.

Drawing Madame ChipironNoémie sent us the original drawing which will soon enthroned in the living room!

Discover her world on her website.

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