Alice & Binch au Nicaragua
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Alice and Julien "Binch", photographer and surfer friend for several years, went to discover this authentic nugget of the Pacific coast. Passionate about surfing, meeting people and traveling, it seems that the two lovers enjoyed their trip to the country of Nicaraguan cowboys. They come back with sublime photos that make you want to book new flights to leave. Not you?

With its lakes, volcanoes, preserved wildlife and constant offshore winds, Nica was our favorite destination in Central America. Less frequented by tourists than its neighbor, Costa Rica (especially since the socio-political situation particularly deteriorated during the demonstrations last August), life on the coast has remained authentic. At the wheel of an essential all-terrain vehicle, fitted with our quiver on its roof, we had the chance to explore the fishing villages along the coast of the Pacific coast. The somewhat sluggish swell forecasts of the first days logically directed us towards Popoyo, a real swell-magnet and emblematic spot of the country. This perfect “A-frame” allowed us to practice our scales and acclimatize to the local rhythm. Log, Single, Twin and classic shortboard, all our boards have been tested on this wave machine. After a few days and after having adopted the Gallo Pinto and the Tona as a daily diet, the swell began to rear its head and with it: different options in the North and the South. Colorado, in the south, finally delivered some pretty little barrels on its famous fine sand beach. While further north, Astillero offered Alice some of the best and longest rides of her life. Images are worth more than a long laborious speech so let us just share a few stolen moments of this unforgettable trip on memory card or film, on land or in the water, here and there.

Alice & JulienAlice and Julien had the boardbag filled with lots of pretty toys.

A Little Pig 8ʼ6

A 7'0 Flat Track

A Bonito 5ʼ6

And a Quattro 5ʼ8