{VOYAGE} Les Thomas en Indo

The Thomas family and their Indonesian journey.
Adventure story of a Franco-Australian family.

After enjoying this never-ending Indian summer in Europe, we are heading to Indonesia. Want adventures, meetings, sharing and also to introduce our little blondies to the treasures of these magical islands and these people that we love so much.

First destination: NIAS

A hell of a mission to get there with our two boys and our boards but a joy to discover this mythical wave, which has always fascinated Seb. Small a priori on my side (barrels are not my thing) which quickly fades and leaves room for the same fascination. There are not many people, it is out of season, and we discover a perfect wave, nestled in the heart of a village lost at the end of the world.

Nias, it's a wave. We forget the tourist side of Bali, the restaurants, the infinity pools, there is only surfing. We still manage to explore the jungle, it's beautiful, it's green, we breathe, we're alone in the world.

Angus takes the best waves of his life, he is 6 years old, he surfs Nias .

Alistair also finds himself at the peak with Seb. Turtles invite themselves to our sessions. I'm enjoying myself despite a big sprained ankle and Seb...finds the long-awaited barrels.

We are welcomed with open arms by this surf community from the other side of the world. The atmosphere is magical, we're lucky I think.

The rain is setting in, we ignore it! We have fun on these magical waves as a family. We meet the inhabitants of the village, we share unforgettable meals. This twist changes our plans and we decide to go seek the sun in Lombok, an island that I explored 13 years ago. It was a shock for us: lots of people, overcrowded waves, no/little respect for the water. We are in the wrong places.

We escape in search of nature and solitude, we do our research and above all we meet other more knowledgeable surfers on the island who share their good tips with us. After exploring the island from top to bottom, we find what we no longer expected: endless waves, few people, turquoise water. Paradise found. We ride our scooter as a group of 4, we load our boards, we take boats, we get up early, we share our waves with family, and we do what we do best: we enjoy, we love each other, we laugh, we rediscover ourselves, we disconnect and we create memories for life. Adventure and family travel are our balance.

We come home with memories full of memories, and hearts full of love, boosted to face the winter sessions on our favorite spots in the South West. And above all, we are already talking about our next adventures!