Teens x Chipiron
Our young people are fantastic! We love these blonde heads full of energy, their eyes full of dreams and hope for the future.

They have this playfulness that we no longer dare to have, this shyness of their age, these still childish smiles. Don't kid yourself, we're not that young anymore :)

We regularly share our trips, our sessions, our meetings with you. Chipiron is a family story, a story of friends, of friends' children, of surfers or not, of travelers. We are happy to see Chipiron entering the lives of people aged 3 to 77 (or even older, but that was for expression). We took advantage of a lull at the start of summer to spend a moment with Téa, Zoé and Kalani, 11 years old. We loaded our boards and skateboards into the truck, and cruised for a few hours to shoot our teen collection. Because yes, we start at size 3 years, but we go up to 12 years and XXS on certain models .

Zoe, Hossegor

With long brown hair, wiry, Zoé, 11 years old, is an incredibly endearing character. Passionate about fashion and sneakers (with the latest FILA and other Vans), Zoé stands out with her own and assertive style. Passing the barrier of shyness, we discover a happy young girl, a fan of music and rock. She has just received her new battery to the delight of her neighbors (us :) ). She has an innate sense for fashion and art in general, with an extremely mature outlook. The daughter of a skater, she likes to slide on the asphalt from time to time, despite her ripped jeans and Vans. Zoé is a sweet treat, a young woman in the making, independent, even if sometimes unsure of herself. We followed him during one of his drum lessons at the Rock'Landes school, in Capbreton. Téa, Hossegor

At 11 years old, Téa has energy to spare. Between tennis, surfing, boxing, matches, sessions, Téa doesn't stop for a second. Always smiling and eager, Téa is a real sportswoman. She is one of those people who needs to exercise to feel good. The daughter of a surfer, Téa set foot on the surfboard at a very young age. Licensed at the Hossegor Surf Club, she discovered competition and quickly got into the game. She loves this surpassing of herself, this adrenaline. She is progressing, making her first podiums. But above all she is having a blast. Téa is an aquatic, a pretty tomboyish mermaid that we love. Kalani, Hossegor

For this 11-year-old, it's skateboarding, cycling, surfing,... lots of sporting moments that he shares with his friends and his father. Shy (like, I think, 99% of teenagers his age), Kalani is the eldest of 3 boys, so at the Perez house, you have to exercise, run, fight (a little), laugh, simply live. With his parents, he learned to skate, love the great outdoors, walks in the forest, surf sessions with his dad,... Kalani is a young man who appreciates life, incredibly affectionate, touching and cool.Théa and Zoe wore an XXS for the pink raglan

Kalani wore an XS on all models.

Thanks to Zoé, Téa and Kalani for their time and laughter.
We laughed a lot.

To do again!


Some of the adult products are available from XXS, and in 12-14 years.