When surfing allows you to meet great people and create great friendships, it's even better. Video flashback of a summer session with Noémi and Alain, in Hossegor.

I met Noémi from the blog Trendy Mood about ten years ago, when I worked at Rip Curl. As a pioneer in the blogosphere, I invited him to come and learn surfing in Biarritz, during the Rip Curl Girls Tour (for those who have known, it's been a while...). We vaguely kept in touch (another sign from the ocean!) via social networks. Its editorial line has gradually matured towards a more lifestyle side, and in particular sliding. She then contacted me to make a video on shaping with Chipiron.

Our respective men were immediately hooked, as were we. Lots of great adventures were beginning: the book 10'2, an exquisite corpse , the shooting of the spring-summer 2017 collection , Alain's drawings,...

This summer, they came to give us a little kikooou , we took the opportunity to test the Karma drone loaned by GoPro . It was a beautiful summer morning, the weather was nice, it was warm, small waves to surf my Petit Cochon log , crazy lights.

Check out the video.
Thank you Noémi & Alain for this lovely memory.