{RENCONTRE} Anne Laure, dixit Bonjour Darling, notre "Culs Nus" 2020
Every year, we love to eat our favorite beach, Les Culs Nus, in Hossegor. For 5 years already, we have been asking artists and graphic designers to create the Chipiron Culs Nus logo for a limited capsule.

Last October, we met Anne Laure, from Bordeaux, more often known by the stage name of Bonjour Darling.

Far from the stereotypes of fashion/lifestyle influences, Anne Laure seduced us with her joie de vivre, her ultra-positive messages, and her vision of the woman's body. So, for the first time, we gave free rein to his writing to offer us “Les Culs Nus 2020”. Here's the result.
We took advantage of these few days of confinement to ask her a few questions about herself, her desires, her projects,...

Can you introduce yourself in a few words? Age, where are you from,…?

Anne-Laure, 31-year-old woman living in Bordeaux, originally from Pau, also known under the nickname Bonjour Darling. I like to live from my passions and share them.

We know you as a digital influencer. Is this your only professional activity?

This was 100% my activity for the last 5 years but since this year I have decided to no longer make a full-time living from it but to return to this activity as a hobby and have another activity on the side. I love communication, social networks, content creation and the creativity that we can bring… But I was a little tired of being the main subject of my content then a more sociable job and contact with people I missed them. We'll see what happens next!
What is your training?
I have a Bac+3 graphic design degree. Basically I studied applied arts (MANAA, BTS Visual Communication multimedia option). Then my work-study license to enter the world of work.

When did you start your blog? And why? What are you talking about?

I started 8 and a half years ago... Basically I lacked creativity in my job so I started drawing and sharing it. Then one day I decided to draw my muffins and share the recipe... Draw my shopping and share my good addresses. Hello Darling was born. My content is “Lifestyle” but it’s mostly me. I talk about what excites me at the moment. The reason why I changed my editorial line quite a bit, or at least I enriched it. But to put it simply, Hello Darling is everything you can do yourself to make your daily life more pleasant.

We met during a blog trip to the mountains and your sincere speech immediately touched me. Your journey is truly positive. Do you realize it? What messages do you want to share with your community?

Oh thank you already! By being sincere I think I realize it but not too much either. I think I will never realize that, all media combined, more than 200k people follow my adventures. Afterwards, it doesn't change anything, I'm mostly like the girl or the guy who reads me.
Personally, I touched the dark side of social networks at one point, I tried to be the perfect girl in my life and on the web. For me it is the evil of the century. I had the chance to become aware of it, realize that I was losing myself, work on it and be able to share my experience. I'm positive so my content is too but I don't hesitate to also show the lows, break down the taboos... Real life ultimately (while keeping my private life). So if I have a message that I would like to convey it is “Learn to know yourself, with sincerity and kindness. No one is perfect and that’s what makes us unique”

You are a real sportswoman, you are on the move between running, yoga, surfing, etc. What does sport give you?

After trying to change myself, he is now my ally. I do it when I feel the desire and the need. He helps me feel strong, sometimes helps me release pressure, work on my mind, have fun, meet people.

Every year, Chipiron collaborates with artists on the “Culs Nus” edition. This year, we wanted to work with you, for your “body positive” outlook. Why did you offer us these pretty plump buttocks? What does this mean to you? What message do you want to send?

I think it came super naturally to me... Maybe because casually when you're in good shape, you don't expect to see them doing sports. Personally, for a long time I thought I was too heavy to surf… What a mistake! Well, I'm clearly not really able to get up yet but I know it won't be long! We (and/or society) put too many barriers on ourselves, whether on our body, gender or otherwise. So naturally I wanted to break down these barriers with a fit woman.

Last question and not least: when do you come to Hossegor to surf?

As soon as I can ! I miss the ocean so much! Looking forward to being able to travel 200km away. My first destination will clearly be the moors and the Basque country! Then see the t-shirt in real life! Photo credit: ©Bonjour Darling