"Brand New" Soft boards chez Chipiron !


Tuesday April 27, 2021, a new series of foam boards arrived at the Chipiron Surfboards premises in Hossegor. 4 new models with very distinct shapes have filled the store's racks of boards.

The Gambas in 6 feet, the Tracker in 7 feet, the Petite Saucisse in 8 feet and finally, the Dancefloor in 9'1 feet.

The models in our range of foam boards are based on the shapes of our resin boards, all designed and created by Damien Marly our shaper. Our main objective is to offer boards that are accessible regardless of your level, whether you are a beginner or advanced , but which still offer the responsiveness of resin boards.

soft board chipiron hossegor landes surfboards foam shortboard longboard


Our foam boards are designed on the same basis: an anti-allergenic foam covering, a polystyrene construction, one or 2 bamboo stringers, epoxy glazed for optimal reactivity and maximum lifespan for all conditions. .

The Soft Gambas and the Soft Tracker have a simple bamboo stringer . The Soft Petite Saucisse and the Soft Dancefloor are made up of a double bamboo stringer to ensure strength and guarantee the lifespan of the board.


The Gambas is mounted as a thruster, the Tracker can be mounted either as a single, twin or 2+1. La Petite Saucisse and la Dancefloor have a single configuration only. Sold with fins for Future case! The Petite Saucisse and the Dancefloor have a spoon on the hull allowing you to do nose riding in the best conditions.

Underside detail of Petite Saucisse 8' foam surfboard details Chipiron Surfboards
Spoon detail foam surfboard Petite Saucisse 8' details Chipiron Surfboards
Detail of 7' foam tracker by Chipiron Surfboards


Our analysis of these boards is that they are safe due to their anti-allergenic foam coating. Versatile since they allow you to operate in all conditions, from very small waves to larger ones. Progressive , they give you the opportunity to work on the basics of the discipline thanks to their stability and ease of paddling to catch as many waves as possible! For experienced surfers, their maneuverability will still allow them to work on their turns on the 6' and 7', or their dance steps on the 8' and 9'1.

The balance between the quality and price ratio has been carefully considered, we want these boards to be accessible at the price level . This is why the Soft Gambas comes out at €429, the Soft Tracker at €469 , the Soft Petite Saucisse at €479 and finally the Soft Dancefloor at €499 .