On a testé notre doudoune dans des conditions extrêmes
You know our taste for risk, for extreme conditions. 4/3 are out, slippers too for some. This morning, big blue skies, a beautiful and cold day as we love them, a thermometer showing a good 2°C. It was the perfect day to test our new down jacket in real life. Return on experience.

With the first negative temperatures, we wanted to test the product for you. What better way to sell a product than to try it yourself? We took advantage of this very cool day to put on the down jacket.

The first sensation is that of lightness. Above a simple sweater, it allows good freedom of movement and perfect comfort.

Hat screwed on the head, closure raised to the neck, we didn't feel cold at all, thanks to top-notch insulation, elastic cuffs and bottom which prevent any cold air from entering.

Chipiron Hossegor down jacket 100% recycled polyester

Chipiron Hossegor 2 down jacket

Chipiron Hossegor 3 down jacket

Chipiron Hossegor unisex down jacket

In short, it has been tested AND above all approved.

This down jacket is in limited edition, straight cut. For you ladies, take a size smaller than your usual one for a more fitted fit.

And a significant detail: it is made of 100% recycled polyester, and the embroidery was done by hand, with love in the South West.

We still took the opportunity to have a little session ( even if it's no longer summer ...)

Chipiron Hossegor down jacket - surf check

Chipiron Hossegor down jacket

Chipiron Hossegor unisex down jacket - surf sessionDamien in Vissla Hossegor wetsuit