MODE - Flashback dans les années 90
The season is “revival”, with the nineties touch that we love , with its fluorescent patches and its offbeat prints. With a little nostalgia, we embrace the 90s Chipiron pieces, thinking back to our Walkmans and candy saucers.

In 2019, summer will be colorful and fuzzy at Chipiron with its 90s capsule made up of t-shirts, sweatshirts, and accessories , for adults and children . When we looked back into our wardrobe from when we were 10 years old, we found wide t-shirts, straight cuts, colorful prints, color, color and more color.

We thought back to the opening credits of Saved by the Bell with its inimitable style, to our timeless LC Waikiki t-shirts,... In short, to all these brands that rocked our childhood (oops... let's say our adolescence :D) . We wanted to delve into it again through some strong pieces, with Chipiron style. For this shoot, we asked this new generation, Swan and Zoé, accompanied by Lucas (our new surf instructor at the Chipiron Surfschool ) and Teo. Who better to represent our memories of these beautiful years.Swan, 15 years old, schoolgirl, in the carefree adolescence and with dreams of escape in her head. Passionate about dance, she dreams of joining the Malraux high school in Biarritz to continue dancing, an option available at the establishment. Don't be fooled by her "baby doll" face, Swan has the strength of character of her mother, co-creator of KissKissBankBank, and knows what she wants and especially what she doesn't want. A contemporary image of this generation that is determined and well into its sneakers. From the top of her endless legs, Zoé does not lose sight of her desires and her ambitions, always with a good and beautiful mood that characterizes her. Well in her Converses, Zoé dances and lives, always enjoying it. She would sometimes like to be less in “control” but thanks to dance, she expresses this need to express her emotions and no longer think about anything. And that's why she has loved dancing so much since she was 3 years old. Because letting go is not always easy for these young 3.0 adults.

Like a desire for fun, colors and offbeat logos,
the 90's capsule is a perfect reflection of the Chipiron universe.

Why take yourself seriously when you're 15-16?

And because fashion is also a guy's story, we embrace our unisex prints, for all ages, from 7 to 77 years old.

And because color has no gender, we prove it to you with Téo (8 years old), Loucas (15 years old) and Lucas (24 years old).
The cuts are great, to be worn loose or more fitted with high-waisted jeans. And the sweatshirts are very soft. I adore

  • Swan

And because the 90s would be nothing without surfing and its iconic fluorescent suits, both for men and for female surfers.

We took out our parents' neoprenes, with our retro-style boards that we particularly like.

Did you like the shoot?

Thanks to Komono for her amazing glasses!