Ederrak, les racks made in Pays Basque

Immerse yourself in the world of the Basque brand Ederrak - The perfect choice for surf enthusiasts.

Ederrak wall

Surfing is more than just a sport, it's a way of life. And for surf enthusiasts, it is essential to choose a quality surf rack. This is where Ederrak, a Basque brand known for its recycled surf racks, comes in. The perfect choice for surfers who care about quality, the environment and style.

Ederrak's story:

Founded by a group of passionate surfers, Ederrak was born from a love for waves and the desire to create high quality surf equipment. Based in the Basque Country, a region known worldwide for its surf spots, the brand is born in 2023 with a challenge: Highlight the boards, optimize space while using local and renewable resources. 

design of ederrak surf racks

The superior quality of Ederrak surf racks:

When it comes to protecting your valuable surfboard, the quality of the rack is paramount. Ederrak uses high-quality materials and cutting-edge manufacturing techniques to create strong, durable and reliable racks. Whether you have a short, long, foam or fiberglass board, Ederrak racks are specially designed to provide optimal support and ensure the safety of your board.

ederrak surf rack with board

Aesthetic and functional design:

The designs are carefully considered to fit harmoniously into any environment, whether it's a garage, bedroom or living room. Regarding the composition, the racks are made, for example, of bottle caps collected on the beaches of the south of the moors, of single-use jars used to measure the quality of bathing water on the Basque coast, but also flower pots, scraps of materials used for cosmetics and pharmacies, etc. Once identified, crushed and transformed, Ederrak offers this waste an alternative that is not only beautiful but useful. The racks are entirely made up of plastic waste recovered and transformed in France. It is a healthy and sustainable material, which makes it possible to offer unique, recycled and recyclable products.

recycled waste rack ederrak

Commitment to the environment:

Ederrak attaches great importance to preserving the environment. The brand uses sustainable and recycled materials, and favors manufacturing techniques that respect the ecosystem. By choosing an Ederrak surf rack, you are helping to support a company committed to protecting the oceans and the nature that surrounds it.

Ederrak is much more than just a brand of surf racks, it is a true symbol of quality, style and commitment to the environment. With a combination of aesthetics, functionality and durability, Ederrak surf racks are a must-have choice for demanding surfers.

ederack surf rack

Moreover, the range is expanding and Ederrak also offers multi racks and racks for skateboards. No more reason to leave your toys lying around!