Surfer en automne à Hossegor: Il est l'heure de rentrer à l'école, les enfants.
Who says September, says back to school, freedom at 8:45 a.m., end of vacation for some, beginning for others.

Who says autumn in Hossegor, says reduced travel time between each spot, long days enjoying surfing, mild temperatures with still good water, a more relaxed atmosphere than in high season.

Who says September in Hossegor for a surfer, says fewer people (at least, fewer schools and beginners) at the peak, 2x2 sessions, the first beautiful swells of autumn, the off-shore in the morning, more time to escape into the forest to out-of-the-way spots. With dozens of kilometers of coastline, the Landes are the place to be in autumn for a surf trip with family or friends.

Somewhere in the Landes - surfing in September in Hossegor Thanks to its ideal configuration, Hossegor offers numerous spots, for all levels. If the most experienced will dare to try the tubes of the Gravière, the beginners will always find a spot at their level between the Culs Nus and the Sud. We go to the VVF or the Piste in Capbreton to test the fast waves between the blockhouses. So many possibilities depending on the swells and tides, ready to have a blast (in every sense of the word).

Surfing in September in Hossegor You know our taste for good things. So we won't tell you about small restaurants to taste good wines accompanied by Bellota ham or foie gras, a few evenings at Surfing or l'Etiquette, local beers , the last planchas at sunset at Lou Cabana, oysters at the bottom of the lake... The South-West, in autumn, is great!

Consider booking your surf lesson with Chipiron Surfschool for September and October.

And for the children, bring them a little souvenir of Hossegor to show off in the playground.