COLLAB - Rencontre avec Yann Hubert
We can never repeat it enough: Chipiron is an adventure made of encounters! During the last Quartier Moderne in Anglet, we met Yann Hubert, through his works Ink On Paper. Encounter

Meeting Yann Hubert Damien Marly Chipiron Hossegor

The realism of his drawings is unmistakable. With his fine line in black felt-tip pen, Yann creates works largely inspired by surf culture and everything that surrounds it.

Arriving 5 years ago on the Basque coast, in St Jean de Luz more precisely, with his partner, Yann fell under the inspiring charm of this region. But not only. “It’s not to sound romantic but my partner inspires me a lot, she is my “muse” and knows how to guide me in my creations.” Originally from the Côtes d'Armor, Parisian by adoption and for several years a Basque resident, Yann obtained his industrial design diploma at the ESDI school. From this training, he requires a talent for the detail and realism of his drawings. "I love beautiful objects and icons of our time and I take pleasure in transcribing them on paper. Industrial design was a passion and my art is a good link with my previous job as a designer."

Yann also draws a lot of inspiration from travel, nature and also other artists or shapers (whom he likens to artists). Everything was said! We couldn't miss his work.

For the opening of the Chipiron store, he created 3 drawings of our flagship board models: the Bonite fish , the Flat Track and the Petit Cochon longboard.

Collab Chipiron x Yann Hubert Ink

Of our boards, he was able to describe with finesse each line and curve of our boards. His works are also available in numbered digigraphies of only 15 copies.