Chipiron family - surf trip au coin de la rue

For a weekend, we boarded our trucks and campers for a little surf adventure full of sweetness, dirty feet, barbecues, salty hair, laughter and screams. This is an opportunity for us to (re)introduce the Chipiron families to you. And new, in the Chipiron family, we ask for the little cousin, Océane.

chipiron family surfboards

Beyond traveling to the ends of the earth, everyday adventures with our toddlers are just as thrilling. For the first time, we left for Cantabria, a few kilometers from home, to meet up with friends. On the program for these 2 days: family surfing, laughs between young and old, dirty clothes competition and aperitifs. Stories also of passing on to the new generation our taste for travel, for sharing, and the desire to create memories.

Océane Lartigau, Biarrote and big sister of the Chipiron family.
Thomas family, chipiron surfboards

The Thomas family

Dorothée, Sebastian, Angus & Alistair aka Tibou.

The Franco-Australian couple settled in Hossegor around ten years ago. Seb, Videographer and DIY master. She, responsible for event projects. They manage their lives between surfing, their two boys, their travels, friends and their family.

"We bought this Ducato a few months ago. Seb did all the fittings, the electricity,... We can finally get back on the roads with the 2 boys, looking for spots between the mountains and the ocean. This are the best moments we can share as a family And after this trip, we're heading to Australia for 5 weeks in a van."

“Dirty feet, happy feet!”
A happy mess, just the way we like them. The main thing is there.

"11 boards, 1 bodyboard, 18 wetsuits, 7 children, 8 adults, 1 dog, 4 dinosaurs, 18 small cars, 3 trucks, 1 barbecue... What else?"

Coline Ménard, chipiron surfboards longboard<br>
Coline Menard, always with a smile, on her pro model, the Colin.


Océane Lartigau chipiron surfboards longboard<br>
sebastien thomas chipiron surfboards

Océane, 22 years old, a child from the Basque country, is the new recruit to our little family. Met during our trip to Saladita, we were seduced by her sunny character, her love for the ocean, and her liveliness. A small board surfer, she discovered the joys of longboarding in Mexico. The start of a love story for big boards. We invited her to this weekend so that she could discover a little more about the world of Chipiron, before her big departure for Australia. You can follow his adventures on his Instagram.

We also took advantage of these 2 days to put our new collection to the test and test it in “real” life. "I tested the new Chipiron pants in gray, size L. They are super comfortable, the cut is ideal. I wear them with Palladium ankle boots, small cuffs for a clean style. I also adopted the camel knit sweater , in organic cotton. Good job Chipiron" - feedback from Sebastian.

When we tell ourselves that time passes too quickly, we forget to take advantage of it. These timeless days (precisely) allow us to engrave in our memories these little joys of seeing them running on the beach, fighting nicely between adults and children.

These are also moments shared with other people's children, to create furtive moments of complicity. Happiness in its purest form.

Vagabord family

Coline, Clément, Roméo & China - a nomadic family that we love to follow. Sedentary in Ondres, they have spent the last 6 months wandering between southern Europe and Morocco in their Hymer, in search of waves, at the speed of their truck (that is to say very slowly). We're a fan of seeing their blond boy grow up in Spanish, Arabic... They're already thinking about their next adventures. To follow on their Instagram

3 girls and 1 longboard

The summary of this weekend.

No shower, lots of love, lots of waves, sand in the trucks, beers, sausages and friends.

When is the next one?