Capsule Les Culs Nus, rencontre avec l'artiste Marie Ollier

We had the chance to collaborate with Marie Ollier and her pretty little buttocks (yes, you read that right) for our legendary Les Culs Nus 2023 capsule. An illustrator from Bordeaux full of humor and cuteness made us little surfing buttocks and we are very proud of it!

For the occasion, we went to ask him a few questions about his passion which is also ours: Les Culs Nus.

Good reading !

Marie Ollier, illustrator, in her workshop in Bordeaux
Marie Ollier, in her workshop in Bordeaux.

  • We start with the introductions, Marie who are you?

I am an illustrator, I sell posters, mini cards, colorful and funny stickers.

  • Where does this passion for Bare Asses come from?

My 2 greatest passions are laughing and drawing. Drawing naked asses is the perfect mix to exercise both at once!

  • Do you practice naturism yourself?

No, but I lived in Barcelona, ​​and I loved going to a bare-ass beach, which was much calmer and wilder. That's where I started drawing little butts!

Marie Ollier, and her little illustrations full of humor.

  • What are your sources of inspiration to showcase these pretty little buttocks that you draw?

Life, everyday life. A situation, a character, I observe a lot and I make fun of traits that make me laugh.

  • If you had to define your art in 3 words, what would they be?

Alive, sunny and fresh.

  • Separate question: by the way, do you really think you can qualify for the Olympics in surfing?

IF there is an event where we are judged on our ability to play in the waves, tan on the board, and have a surfer style of clothing, a big yes!

Illustration by Marie Ollier "The typology of small buttocks".

  • Is there a little ass who shares your life?

Yes, a great little ass! In life and at work, we are co-founder of the brand

  • What pushed you to accept this collaboration with Chipiron (aside from our common passion for Nus Culs)?

Although I'm not a surfer, I love the world and values ​​of surfing. I'm super proud to collaborate with a brand like Chipiron which represents these good vibes, combined with a family and fun side, everything I love.

T-shirt from the Marie Ollier X Chipiron Surfboards collaboration.
  • Thank you for all these answers and your collaboration! A word for the end ? :)

We have a great online store with a varied collection, come and discover our fun and colorful universe.

And long live little asses!

Illustration “Les Culs Nus” by Marie Ollier.