{BIG NOUVELLE} Coline Menard, bienvenue dans la Chipiron Family

Bim Bam Boom!

This summer of 2020 has been busy. Loaded with emotions, stress, fun, waves, sun, tourists, work... and with all that, we didn't have time to welcome Coline Ménard and her 2 men to the Chipiron Family.

It's done :)

A talented surfer, elegant longboarder, Coline is today a fulfilled young mother, who puts surfing at the center of her lifestyle and her days. After some good results, notably a title of vice-world champion in 2009, Coline surfs, in the literal sense of this discipline, with passion.

She shares Chipiron's dear values, such as fun, passion and not having to worry about surfing. We are proud to welcome him to Chipiron Surfboards.

Welcome to the Chipiron family!????

We took advantage of this re-containment to ask him a few questions.

Can you introduce yourself in a few lines: where are you from, what do you do, ...

Hello Chipiron Family!! I'm Coline, 32 years old, 1 baby boy, 1 border collie and a nice little quiver stored in the garage because yes, my hobby has been surfing, since I was little. Originally from the Ile de Ré, I moved to Réunion with my parents at the age of 13. With the winter temperature changing, I spent my time in the water and progressed until I started regional and then international competitions at 15 years old.

Coline Ménard, longboard world vice-champion in 2009, how do we get to this level? What memory do you have of this day?

The year 2009 started with a good dose of frustration, with poor results in competition in Australia. Today, I tell myself that it gave me the courage necessary to push myself a little more, putting aside the bad stress and taking advantage of being in Biarritz in summer.

I remember surfing “Series after series” without thinking about the podium. Then this July 14, 2009, I finished vice-world champion, a very beautiful memory because it was also the day I met Clément ????

Looking back and your years of surfing, what are your views on surfing and women's surfing more specifically?

With age comes maturity! No more fighting to catch as many waves as possible, no more trying the same figure 591 times until you achieve it perfectly...

I am now more into sharing, good vibes. I prefer to surf with my friends and my family, to have fun without pressure.

This feeling, I find it in women's surfing, it is even more obvious to us since the creation of our association Elles Surf . Girls want to have fun, discover, meet, without any hassle!

What does a perfect surf day mean to you?

A day to the rhythm of the tides... The picture? Start with a surf at daybreak, share a few waves with my friends from my association (of which, of course, you are a part ❤️); Joined by the family on the beach to establish "base camp", have a picnic, then head back into the water when the mood takes us...

What does surfing represent in your life?

A lot... No matter how much I try to have other interests, it never lasts very long, I always come back to surf surf surf... How boring for non-surfers! Haha

I don't think there's a day when Windguru isn't checked, the clock in the living room doesn't show the time but the tide, we even have a bathroom reserved for drying wetsuits! It's true, most of the time we organize our days around the scheduled session.

You are now an optician. Why didn't you choose to work in the surfing industry?

I've always been afraid of being fed up with surfing if I only did that all day and I admit it: It's selfish, I prefer to surf for myself rather than pushing others into the waves????

Having a job that has nothing to do with the environment also allows me to appreciate even more the return to the water, the surf trip holidays to organize etc...

You are the mother of a 1 year old little boy. Like any surfer parent, we dream of our children surfing too. How do you think, with Clément, of sharing your passion with him, without pressure?

We experiment... At each age, its stage! We take the time necessary for him to first become familiar with the water, we go to baby swimmers, we show him new games in the bathtub every evening, such as putting his ears in the water, blowing bubbles, getting water in your eyes when you splash etc...

I admit that I was reassured to see him smiling when we were able to catch the first waves in the ocean this summer!

Every age has its own stage!

What advice would you give to people who want to start surfing?

The best advice is to get support and take lessons to get started!

Surfing is a fairly thankless sport because it is difficult at the beginning. You have to learn to manage your board which can be heavy, your balance on it, the constantly moving waves and other surfers with priority rules. It requires a lot of attention but it's also a great adrenaline reward when you get there! And of course, with a little help, it's even faster.

Welcome to the Chipiron Family

Action photos: Greg Ménager