A month of break. We needed at least that before starting the season which promises to be full of surprises! We embarked for Sri Lanka, the pearl of the Indian Ocean, turquoise waters at 28 degrees, wildlife, green flora.

We knew from the first trip of Damien in 2011, before the birth of children, that Sri Lanka would be an easy destination, exotic, tropical and family. He has largely kept his promises.

L'école au Sri Lanka
Chipiron surfe à Hiriketiya Sri Lanka

The first stop is Hiriketiya, nicknamed Blue Beach by locals. This bay protected from winds and strong waves is a small paradise. In the middle of the bay, some waves unfold for beginners, and deeper, a nice left on a nice reef allows us to fully validate the new version of our longboard Petit Cochon 9’6 specially brought from France. It will not have taken us a long time to get acclimated to the atmosphere, the sessions facing our guest house.

We also meet Gaya and his wife Emma who had ordered 3 boards for their future guest house in Kabalana. Board under the arm, Damien and the couple go to enjoy the pretty conditions to go test their new toys: a Flat Track in 7 ‘, a 5’10 Bonite and a dance floor longboard in 9′ tinted turquoise blue for madam.

For their part, they make us discover their brand of shirts, Gitano Shirts with colorful prints. We really want to take you back to the shop in the spring.

Temple bouddhiste Sri Lanka - Chipiron Surf
La découverte du bouddhisme - Chipiron Surf
Béni par les moines bouddhistes - Chipiron Surf
Les rencontres forment la jeunesse - Chipiron Surf
Noa et les chiens - Chipiron Surf
Une faune exotique, les singes - Chipiron Surf

After several days to take the rhythm of the holidays, we leave to discover the coast around Matara. We find a French installed in SK Town, in his new Guest house, Les Clés du Paradis. In front of the black sand beach break, the boys have fun surfing endless waves, in boardshort, without anyone in the water. What more?

Surf pour Téo - Chipiron Surf
Damien sur la droite de S K Town - Chipiron Surf

During this month in Sri Lanka, we also wanted to explore the interior of the island, the region of teas, mountains, do some hikes. Bus 31, station Matara, left for 5h bus to Ella. There, we discover a welcoming village of backpackers. The boys are delighted to climb the hundreds of steps, to run to discover the next sight. Little Adam’s Peak, Ravana’s Cave, swimming at the foot of the Ravana Falls waterfall.

Les bus au Sri Lanka, toute une aventure - Chipiron Surf
Montée de Little Adam's Peak, Ella - Chipiron Surf
Méfiez vous du trafic routier - Chipiron Surf
Don' feed the monkeys - Chipiron Surf
Singe - Chipiron Surf
Vue sur Little Adam's Peak, Ella - Chipiron Surf
Pimp my truck - Chipiron Surf
Tuk Tuk way of life - Chipiron Surf
Goûter local au bord de la route, Ella - Chipiron Surf

You can not go to Sri Lanka without venturing on the train. An experience that will be remembered. We take the direction of Kandy. The installation is Spartan, but the cruising speed (maximum of 60kms) allows us to enjoy the grandiose landscapes, tea plantations, the crossing of colorful villages, to feel the wind in our hair with the head through the window . A few hours (still count 7 hours to cover a few hundred kilometers) that we do not see happening.

En gare d'Ella - Chipiron Surf
Voyager autrement - Chipiron Surf
Train Sri Lanka - Chipiron Surf
Train Sri Lanka - Chipiron Surf
Les plantations de thé Sri Lanka - Chipiron Surf
Prendre le temps, train Sri Lanka - Chipiron Surf

After the peaceful village of Ella, we land in the swarm of Kandy, and then Colombo. To understand a country, the best place, in our opinion, is to go and discover the local market, get lost in the middle of fruit and vegetable stalls, to talk with the butcher or the fishmonger. Tastes and flavors, but also smells not always appreciated by the kids 🙂

Les mini Chipiron au marché de Matara Sri Lanka
Marché de Kandy - Chipiron Surf
Des gouts et des odeurs - Chipiron Surf
Colombo - Chipiron Surf

After more than a week wandering the Sri Lankan mountains, we want to find the ocean, surfing, snorkelling, coconut and relaxation. We land at Asanka, in Midigama. For the story, Damien landed at Asanka 7 years ago. There were only a few rooms facing Lazy Left. Now there are more than 20 rooms, but the charm and hospitality have not changed. We were able to pack our bags and enjoy the rest of the stay.

Levée du soleil chez Asanka Midigama - Chipiron Surf
La voie de chemin de fer au fond du jardin - Chipiron Surf
Asanka Surf lodge Midigama - Sri Lanka - Chipiron Surf
Asanka Surf Lodge Midigama - Chipiron Surf
Surf Noa Sri Lanka - Chipiron Surf

During these holidays, we spent more than half of the day in the water, saw fish of all colors, surf to the chapped lips, see Noa slip on his first waves, Téo take his total autonomy in the water, laugh, enjoy, see our children grow through encounters, diverse and varied discoveries.

It will not have been easy to make a short selection, as the magic of this trip was great. Thank you Sri Lanka for your welcome. Hoping to see you again someday …

Surf tandem entre frères - Chipiron Surf
Noa lonesome surfer - Chipiron Surf
Surf Chipiron Sri Lanka
Palm tree aquashot - Chipiron Surf
Surf Sri Lanka - Chipiron Surf

We have had some good sessions, between Hiriketiya, Rams, Kabalana, Weligama ... Easy conditions, for all levels. To recommend.

Damien à Mirisa - Chipiron Surf
Casquette à Rams - Chipiron Surf
Julie à Blue Beach - Chipiron Surf
Log session - Chipiron Surf

So, yes, we enjoyed the water at 28 degrees, life in jerseys, spicy Rice and curry, tuk-tuk rides, wild animals, … But we especially loved people. Always smiling, ultra hospitable, we discovered an open, patient, warm, worshiping children (who have difficulty returning to France and do not understand why all their desires are no longer exhaussés …). Here are some portraits of encounters made around the corner of our journey.

Portraits Sri Lanka - Chipiron Surf
Portraits Sri Lanka - Chipiron Surf
Portraits Sri Lanka - Chipiron Surf
Portraits Sri Lanka - Chipiron Surf
Portraits Sri Lanka - Chipiron Surf

We hope to have made you travel and give the desire to discover Sri Lanka.
Now, back to reality, and preparation of the new spring-summer 2018 collection, the opening of the shop late March in Hossegor and the season with the surf school Chipiron.