The Flat track

When asked to describe the Flat Track, the first thought that comes to our mind is “the all-round board”. This intermediate board allows surfing almost any types of waves.

With a flat rocker, a light front vee and a double concave at the fin level, the Flat Track is fun surfing in cruising mode on small waves, or for a more committed and fast surf in hollow waves.

It offers paddling comfort and an ease to catch waves that you will most probably appreciate.

Note that it is our current bestseller at Chipiron Surfboards.

Some customisation of the tail and fins is possible, as a single-fin, or 2 + 1, thruster or twin-fin setup.

From 750 €
Sizes from 6’4 to 7’4

All our models can be customised upon request, for higher surfing level, additional floatation…

Flat Track - Chipiron Surfboards Hossegor
Flat Track - Chipiron Surfboards Hossegor
Flat Track - Chipiron Surfboards Hossegor - rails
Flat Track - Chipiron Surfboards Hossegor - rocker
flat track chipiron surfboards



“Hi! I just wanted to tell you that I surfed that 7′ flat track in mexico for 6 weeks and didn’t even wax my other board. I surfed it on a soft left longboard point and steeper right hand sand bottom points in the south. It just goes equally amazing in waist high or overhead surf. When paddling I can compete with longboarders while still being able to do steeper take offs. Once the feet touch the wax the waves feel like an endless carving canvas. I just feel in tune with the wave, insane trim speed and you can still push hard through turns. I was able to improve my surfing a lot because of this board.
Thanks for producing this beautiful surfcraft”

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