When surfing allows you to make great encounters, that beautiful friendships are created, it’s even better. Back video of a summer session with Noémi and Alain, in Hossegor.
I met Noemi with her blog Trendy Mood about ten years ago, when I worked at Rip Curl. As a precursor in the blogosphere, I invited her to come to learn surfing on Biarritz, during the Rip Curl Girls Tour (for those who knew, it’s been a while …). We kept vaguely contact via social networks. Her editorial line has gradually matured towards a more lifestyle side, and especially surfing, skating… She then contacted me to make a video on the shape with Chipiron.

Our respective men immediately hooked us too. Full of beautiful adventures began: the book 10’2, an exquisite corpse, the shooting of the spring-summer 2017 collection, the drawings of Alain, …

This summer, they passed us a little kikooou, we took the opportunity to test the Karma drone loaned by GoPro. It was a beautiful summer morning, the weather was nice, it was hot, small waves to surf my log Petit Cochon, lights crazy.

Watch the video
Thank you Noémi & Alain for this nice memory.

Summer never ends

Cet été, avec Julie Madame Chipiron de Chipiron Surfboards (ça fait beaucoup de Chipiron ?), on s'est levé très tôt pour aller surfer... Mon leitmotiv du moment : #summerneverendsMerci à GoPro pour le prêt du drone Karma ?

Publié par Trendy Mood sur mardi 14 novembre 2017