The autumn is here, the winter gets closer. But the swell, too, is back for our greatest happiness. In spite of the rain and the cold, we always appreciate the morning checks, the mist rising from the ocean, the rosy colors of the morning.

For this very first autumn-winter collection, we wanted hot pieces in which to bind, large hoodies, beanies, cotton / wool t-shirts. The colors were intended sober, to easily match a jeans.

We again collaborated with Alain Bourdon on the graphics La Bombe and Wish you were Here. Widely inspired by the #vanlife journey, by the pleasure of surfing, Alain once again offers us a beautiful representation of the Chipiron spirit.

This summer we met an adorable couple Thea and Boris. In the same vein as Chipiron, Thea and Boris love surfing, live surfing. Both monitors in the summer, they go on surfing all winter: Panama, Morocco, Portugal, … From these trips, they bring back hundreds of pictures, with a style of their own, and which we liked for our new collection. We’ll let you discover in pictures.

Photos: Théa Mouysset & Boris Romann

Special mention to our kids for waking up so early to this incredible morning sunrise.