Hossegor N'Gor, capsule sénégalaise
Travel is a human quest and a vital need for Chipiron. A common escape in search of open-mindedness for us and our surfing. In the fall of 2021, we are going to meet the Senegalese legend Oumar Sey, the boss of Dakar, the first Senegalese pro surfer. With him, we share his culture, his traditions, his spots. From these few days, we brought back the famous wax fabrics which we made into surfboards, fins, and t-shirts.

To accompany this capsule, we take you on a journey through some of our life photos.

Dakar is teeming, like many of these African megacities. Traffic, music, heat, smiles, spicy smells, colorful atmosphere,... everything we love about Africa. We will definitely come back to Dakar!