Bienvenue dans la Chipiron Family, Lucas et Thomas
You can imagine that an adventure like Chipiron is filled with enriching encounters, essential support, friendships and trust. Since our beginnings, we have been fortunate to be helped by talents from all over France and Navarre. We will only mention Kéké, Johanna , Alain, Noémi , Tonio, the family, Erika & Jokin,... and all the others.

Everyone believed in our projects, in our most numerous delusions, in our arguments,... but above all, they believed in this passion which makes us get up every morning, work tirelessly, to ensure that each day Chipiron grows.

And this time, it's our turn to support other enthusiasts at our level, who make a living through their sport. On the one hand, Thomas Foreau, 42, runs a driving school in Hossegor. Passionate about skateboarding, windsurfing, snowboarding and surfing, he has been riding a motorcycle in "Flat Track" mode for several years, a real missing link linking all the sports he practices. The flat track consists of turning on a dirt ring, always to the left, which gives a real feeling of sliding and which requires absolute technicality and finesse in piloting. Small detail and not the least: there is no front brake... He participates in some exhibitions throughout France, not for the result, but more out of a desire for adrenaline in the face of competitors, on equal terms. He regularly likes to draw parallels between surfing and motorcycling. Whatever the level, the primary motivation is adrenaline, progression and surpassing oneself. Already supported by other local brands (Bud Racing, Jack's Burgers, Jeanjean Chaussetterie Fine, to name a few), Thomas is proud to represent a new local brand, which is close to his heart. After discovering the Flat Track model at Chipiron, the connection was more than easy to make.

thomas forreau flat track

thomas foreau surfing Flat Track

The meeting with Lucas Lasserre took place, like many others, around a board. Lucas was looking for a board for a surf during Wheels & Waves. “I appreciated the meeting and the spirit of Damien, a simple discussion around a passion, surfing but also around the development of a local Chipiron brand.” It was enough for the two thirty-somethings to find a deal to make this meeting a reality. Lucas is a professional driver of Nascar, a European Stock Car Championship (Chevrolet Camaro, Ford Mustang, Toyota Camry) as well as the North American Championship, with a tubular chassis, a 450 horsepower engine, a gearbox 4-speed manual gearbox and above all without any electronic assistance... Pure driving, without artifice. The comparison between the 2 disciplines was also simple to make: concentration, trajectories, support, physical, mental, analysis, choice of equipment depending on the conditions. A surfer for 15 years, Lucas is happy to represent Chipiron in a world other than surfing, to a family audience, warm and just as passionate.

Lucas Lasserre Chipiron Surfboards

Thomas and Lucas, welcome to the Chipiron family.

Thank you for your trust and good luck on your machines.